Float Trips - Lake Clark

Tlikakila River


 $3,250 / Beaver, $2,200 / C-206 $1,700 / PA-12

Drop Off: Summit Lake, Lake Clark Pass

Take Out: Head of Lake Clark

Rating: Class I-II – includes short sections of Class III

Trip Length: 51 miles (plan 4-5 days)

Fish: Grayling, arctic char and sockeye salmon in lower river. Lake trout in Lake Clark



chilChilikadrotna River

Price: $5,000/ Beaver, $3,450 / C-206, $2,535 / PA-12

Drop Off: Twin Lakes, Lake Clark N.P.

Take Out: 8 miles downstream of Dummy Creek on the Mulchatna River

Rating: Rating: Class II – includes one Class III rapid

Trip Length: 72 miles (plan 5-7 days)

Fish: Grayling, rainbow trout, king and chum salmon. Arctic char, rainbow trout, and lake trout in Twin Lakes