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Discover Alaska

60 minute

This flight is designed to give you a bird's eye view of Anchorage and offers a glimpse of the surrounding wilderness that lies just beyond. Soar along the Cook Inet or follow the Chugach Mountain Range that frames the city. Enjoy the grand views of Mt. Susitna and the towering peaks of the Alaska Range. Perfect for that first-time Alaskan visitor.

60 minutes / $150 person


Knik Glacier

Explore the rugged terrain of the Chugach Mountains on your way to witness the spectacular Knik Glacier. The Knik Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in the south-central area. It's ice field averages over 25 miles long and over 5 miles wide. Its neighbor, the Colony glacier is a sight to see with glacier calving’s larger than houses floating in beautiful Lake George.

90 minutes / $225 person


Triumvirate Glacier

Approximately 55 miles west of Anchorage the Triumvirate Glacier is one of the first
glaciers you'll see in the Alaska Range. Beluga Lake sits at the base, feeding into the
Beluga River that empties into Cook Inlet. Wildlife opportunities are abundant!

2 hours / $290 person


Harriman Fjord Glaciers

Fly through the Chugach Mountains to the gorgeous waters of Prince William Sound where you will find the Harriman Fjord with multiple glaciers! Keep an eye out for all types of animals and sea life during your flight.

2 hours / $290 person

Mt. McKinley / Denali National Park

Experience Denali’s 20,320 feet of breathtaking beauty. Tour north along the Susitna Valley looking for wildlife. Once there, your pilot will take you exploring around the south face of Mt. McKinley where you will view the Ruth & Kahiltna Glaciers. This is the base camp area for many climbers who attempt to summit the mountain during the spring months. On the way back to Anchorage a mid trip landing will be made.

$425 each - 3 person minimum

Prince William Sound


Prince William Sound is located on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula and surrounded by the Chugach National Forest. Soar along the steep & glaciated Chugach Mountains where they meet a complex coastline with many islands, fjords & tidewater glaciers. This sensational landscape offers spectacular opportunities for marine & wildlife viewing.

2 hours / $290 person

Proenneke's Cabin

twin lakestwin lakes One Man's Wilderness

Venture into the pristine mountains of Lake Clark National Park to visit the cabin built by Dick Proenneke at Twin Lakes. Dick Proenneke was an amateur naturalist who lived alone at the cabin for nearly thirty years. He documented his activities in his journals and on film; later used for the PBS television special and book titled “One Man’s Wilderness”. This trip will truly leave a lasting impact of the simplicity of living in such a magnificent place.

4-5 hours / $725 person